Bike Week

Live Phone SexI love bikers!

I go to bike week every year! Our town even has a their own version with hot girls, cool games, and tons of beer!

I was just walking around checking out the bikes in my tall leather boots and short jean shorts. I was working it trying to get a ride. That’s when I saw you!

You looked so dangerous in your dusty boots with all your tattoos showing! I just about came in my shorts!

I asked you for a ride and you just looked me up and down. I promised to make it worth your time!

Then you told me to hop in the side car.

Your hog was so powerful between your legs! I was almost jealous, I new that the rumble was vibrating your balls and I was getting so wet! I got on my knees and unzipped you jeans.Cum Guzzling Slut

Your cock felt so good in my hands! I started stroking you and I could tell you liked it! The faster I stroked, the faster you drove!

I craved the taste of you meat in my mouth! I had to have all that warm creamy filling!

I ran my tongue all over your hard cock getting every inch of you wet and slippery. Then I took you all the way down my throat! There was no easing into it!

I think you were surprised because I felt the bike swerve a little! I love the idea that I could make you lose control! I continued to suck on your yummy meat! I love how you felt in my mouth! You completely filled my mouth as I bobbed up and down on you! It felt so good as your huge mushroom head banged the back of my throat!Phone Sex Line

I wanted to taste you! I wanted to swallow every drop of your cock cream! I started stroking your sloppy wet cock faster and faster, squeezing a little harder with each stroke, I could your juices rushing through your veins! You were about to cum….all for me!

Yes! Give it to me! Feed me all that yummy jizz! I swallowed your massive cock just in time as you exploded! There was so much! I had to swallow three times!

I was never a big fan of the side car , but I have to admit…It was so intense sucking from the side car!

That was my first of many 90 mile an hour open road blow job!

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