Big Dick Sucker Worships Ella

Big dick suckerHe called himself Vandevere, and told me he wanted me to knight him my bitch boy. Well, if that’s what gets your little dick hard, baby, Ella can handle that. I stripped him down and made him kneel before me. I watched his cock throb and pulse in anticipation of what was to come, his face gazing up at me with pure lust. I touched my big dick to the right side of his face, then moved it over to touch the left side. I said the words he wanted to hear, then told him to open his mouth to complete the ceremony. As my cock slid into his mouth, I told him to grab his dick and start wanking, but not to cum until I told him to. I forced my cock down his throat, feeling that luxurious warmth and tightness where his throat surrounded me. The vibrations from his vocal cords made it that much hotter, and my cock was throbbing and pulsing, my balls filling up with jizz in no time at all. Just before I exploded into his mouth and throat, I let him go, and he came all over both my feet, letting the jizz eek between my toes. Oh, how amazing that felt!

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