Big Dick Sucker Takes it Deep!

My Valentine’s Day date was a complete gentleman. He treated me really well through dinner, and took me out dancing after. When we got back to my place, I asked him inside, promising him that the night was far from over. I did a little strip-tease for him, slowly taking off my pretty dress. I was wearing my pretty black bra and panties, and by the time I was finished taking off that dress, his dick was hard as fuck. I crawled over to him, undid his pants, and set that monster free! When it was out, I grabbed it and his sack as I slid my tongue over the head of his cock. Big dick suckerI sucked the head into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around it, sliding my tongue along that vein underneath as I sucked him all the way down my throat. I knew eventually we would get around to the fucking, but for now, I wanted to enjoy his dick. I fucked his cock with my throat, letting it slip up and down, taking breaths when I could with that massive shaft blocking my airway. I wrapped a hand around his sack, and started massaging and teasing them, running a finger back over his taint to play around at his ass hole for a minute. Anal sex whoreHe started really getting into it then, fucking my face harder and harder. I slid a finger into his ass, and he grabbed the sides of my head and started to skull-fuck me, pounding that cock down my throat so hard and fast I hardly had time to breathe at all. He finally came all down my throat, leaving a trail of it across my tongue as he pulled out. Now, I knew the fun would really begin.

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