Being Slutty At a Pool Party

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So many hot guys were at the pool party last Friday. It was hard to just focus my attention on one, but after a few drinks that didn’t matter anymore. I was only two drinks in before I was flirting with everyone shamelessly. Even though I knew I was sloppy drunk it didn’t spoil my fun and none of the guys seemed to mind either.

Once I finally made my way to the pool it wasn’t long before my top was gone. I’m not sure if I pulled my tits out myself or if it was someone else, but that didn’t bother me. All the guys were staring at my big round titties with their mouths wide open and I loved all that attention. They were practically swarming around me which made all the other girls jealous, I loved that too!

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Eventually this guy Rich swam up to me while I was in the corner of the pool sipping my drink. I was already horny, but he when Rich whispered in my ear that he had drugs I knew which guy to fuck first. We didn’t even leave the pool to do it, that’s how excited I was. He pushed pills down my throat while I bounced up and down on his massive prick in front of everyone. Later I found out that it was Xanax which explains why my pussy was able to squirt like that around all that water.

Mixing xannies and drinking always makes me so hot. Even if I black out when I wake up it’s obvious that I had a good time. Usually my cunt is still soaked and throbbing whenever I have a wild night like that. Sometimes cum will even still be leaking out from inside me and then there are times that I can still taste in my mouth.

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The morning after that pool party was just like that. I wasn’t sure what happened or what I did or even who I did it with. All I know is that my mouth was filled with cum multiple times. The few rumors I’ve heard about it prove it, but I already knew. It would take a lot of warm, salty cum to leave that taste in my mouth especially after all the drinking I did. People might think those rumors upset me or maybe they’re even just trying to embarrass me. Oh well, I feel sorry for them because it has the opposite effect. I actually think it’s pretty fucking hot if you want to know the truth.

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