BBC Sex Stories for Days

BBC Sex stories

BBC sex stories went on for days on that family road trip.  I started telling ma and pa about the nice beautiful big black cocks I had the pleasure of getting to know up close and personal.  I love seeing my dad’s cock get hard as I tell him how his pale white daughter seeks out the darkest man in the bar, goes up to him, grinds on him hard while music plays. I do this to measure the cock I’m working with. I know it will likely be huge but I need to know how huge.  My ass has seen enough big black cock to know when Im getting a good 12 incher. That’s what I go for these days.

After grinding on that cock, this trailer trash whore has her picks narrowed down. Next, I proceed and pick a dark tall muscular man and decide his cock is mine tonight. I don’t give him much choice, I go to the corner of the bar where it’s dark. Then, I pull his pants down and stuff that monster into my mouth and gag.  Gag some more and some more until I almost puke out my chicken wings all over his huge black anaconda.

This usually is the key to getting them to come home with me. Once in my bed, I stick my cunt on that cock and ride like I’m in a donkey show. Something about watching a huge dark cock enter my white bald pink pussy that makes me creamy and juicy in my sluthole.  The white jizz from my squirting cunt hole running down a black candy bar that dipped itself inself the white chocolate of my heavenly pussy, it’s truly enough to make me cream my panties just thinking of it. It sure made my sweet daddy cream his panties too in the car on that trip as we drove to our family vacation.  Great bonding time telling our stories for sure!

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