Banging with the Gang…

gangbang sex stories

I stepped out into the sunlight. Last night was nearly a blur. So many men and so many drugs. I could feel the bruises on me beneath my clothes. My pussy was a wreck, too. It felt like someone had put it in a blender. I wondered what happened and how many had been there. I kicked off my panties and noticed blood. I felt myself and found blood seeping from my asshole. It felt like a razor blade had been shoved inside of me. I was too tired to be angry and I needed a fix. First, I needed to piss and douche out my cunt. I had already been through several STD’s in the past. I hoped no one had given me another one last night.
The douche felt cool on my cooch. I heard a strange sound and a clink in the toilet. I looked between my legs and screamed. An extra large dog biscuit was in the bottom of the bowl. I tried to remember what had happened last night. I went to my friend and dealers house. His wife was out of town and he was having a party. The house was nothing but men and his two large Pit Bulls. Wait!!! No fucking way. Had I really stooped that low? Could I have invited them to the Furry Friends Ball? I wracked my brain and vaguely remembered someone whistling and saying. “Here, boys. I have a treat for you!!” Then someone grabbed my arm and I felt that sweetness flow into me. My pussy twitched and I was so damn horny. I begged for someone to fuck me. I had felt strong arms wrap around my body and fill my pussy. Was it a dream? Then another flashback hit me. I was on my back and the men were laughing and shoving something into my cunt. I felt a long tongue lapping deep and removing something from me. Dog biscuits. Fucking dog biscuits. A tear fell from my eyes.
Yes, I had reached a new low. I had allowed both men and beasts to use me. After the party, I had tried to stumble home and a gang of young men had pulled me into an alley. There was a big, mentally challenged one. They had held me down and allowed him to fuck the shit out of me and beat me senseless. Part of his initiation, I suppose. I had begged them for a fix and one of them threw a joint at me.
Now I was home and I wondered what today would bring, where I’d find my next fix, and how low I’d sink to get it. Being a white trash whore is who I am and who I’ll be until the day someone hits me hard enough to end my pain forever.

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