Back Alley Anal Fuck

Trailer Trash WhoreFriday nights are always so much fun for a dirty trailer park whore like myself. It’s my best day. I go down to those seedy parts of town to find me a horny old man to milk his cock for a quick buck. This particular night i saw one of my good regular’s Ole Joe. Always smells like cheap beer and cigarettes. He flagged me down in my skin tight blue mini dress and black heels. I nodded at him and walked down the closest ally. Ole joe was quick behind me, he is rather quick in all aspects. His cock was already pressed hard against his pants when he got to me. He pulled out a 100$ bill and pulled his cock out. I took the money and he grabbed my hair and pulled me down. Pulling my head back he pushed his fat cock in my face and slapped me a few times. I swear he will leave a mushroom print any day now. I opened my mouth and he rammed it in full force causing me to instantly drool. Spit was pulled in and out of my mouth as he relentlessly fucked my pretty mouth as hard as he could go. He pulled out slowly and throbbing ropes of spit hung from my lips to his cock. He pulled me up by my hair and bent me over pulling up my dress. He kicked my feet apart and spread my asscheeks. Suddenly I felt his cock push into my asshole and swallow it inch by inch as he went back to his hard thrust. His fingers tangled in my hair and pulled it back hard. I felt his cock swell up more as he came hard and quick in my ass. He let go of me finally and pulled his pants back up leaving me dripping his cum out of my well used asshole and tossed me another 50 bucks for cumming inside and then he walked away leaving me there. Good ole joe quick as always and a wonderful tipper! I stood back up, pulled my hair back in a ponytail and went back out to the corner. The night was young and I was not done getting fucked!


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