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You do such a good job at teaching the little brats how to lick on my mommy cunt properly.  That’s exactly what they need. An education on proper pussy licking. Before long I expect them to be connoisseurs of mommy cunt as well.

I don’t possess whatever that characteristic is that makes some mommies and grannies think that the little ones are not supposed to be their sex toys. Personally, I think that’s the whole reason that I pushed them out many years ago. Not only so they could be my sex toys but so that their offspring could be my sex toys. Not just my toys but the toys for whomever I so choose to share them with.

So, you teach them. Typically, I’m not in my right mind anyways. You know what the best kind of a drug addict is? An educated one. People for some reason assume that just because I get high that I must not be very smart. I’m a fucking genius. I figured out years ago that I could party as much as I want and fuck as much as I want and still survive and have a good time. I don’t do without anything. You may have a fancier car than I have but I guarantee you I probably orgasm more than you do. 🙂

I think after you get done teaching these brats how to eat me out properly, I’m gonna let my landlord come over for a little visit and pick which one of their little tight holes he wants to violate. Now tell me that isn’t genius? 

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