Women love to call themselves dirty fucking whores, but they haven’t been around as many whore blocks as I have. I was a cock loving whore before it was the” in thing” to be. My cunt never craved that fake façade that so many women do of love and happiness. What I crave is the cliché of drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll!
Don’t get me wrong, I love deeply in my life. I popped out 3 brats and they are all grown and popping out brats of their own. I love them. I can’t say I’ve always been the best mom based on societies standards. I made sure they had what they needed, though. Often times I had to put their little asses to work to help earn what they needed. *Wink*. Now those grandbabies are at that perfect tender ripe age for me to put their asses to work too. I literally do mean asses. 🙂 Perhaps their little Cunnies and Cocks can help earn some Moolah too!

Yes, I am fucking serious. Being a phone sex operator pays decently but it damn sure doesn’t take care of all of my party needs. My boss told me that I could talk about anything so I choose to keep it real and talk about what I really enjoy. I like to get high. No let me rephrase that. I LOVE to get fucking high. I have been SNORTIN and frying and popping and sipping since most of y’all were still IN Fucking diapers. I even like doing those mollies.

What I like to do is sit here and party and hopefully have like-minded perverts call me to party with me. My boss said she doesn’t care what I talk about on the phone or what I do so I stay true to me. I like to shove my toys in my cunt while plotting and planning tricking out those little grandbabies of mine. Talking about all the wonderful years of my own brats. OMG the stories I have to share. So if you are a P – pervert or you just like to party I am the whore for you!

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