Asshole Used While Drunk

Anal cum dumpster

I woke up with a big fat cock inside my ass. It was a long fun filled night of drinking. I was hot so I had taken all my clothes off and just passed out on the bed. I woke up feeling a bit of pain and movement. As I opened my eyes, I could see I was on my stomach and the pain was coming from my ass being pounded away. I tried to move but couldn’t my body was so tired and I was still drunk. I grunted just for him to tell me to relax he was almost done. He kept pounding me and then stuck his fingers in my wet cunt. His body on top of me was forcing him deep in me and the feeling of his fingers in my pussy drove me wild. I started squirting hard all over his fingers. He didn’t stop the pounding of my ass until he filled it up with his hot cum. He made me clean his cock before he left to get some more beer. 

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