Are you ready for some Football?

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I watched the game, checking out all of the sweet asses. Mmmm, what I wouldn’t give to tongue those puckered holes. I saw you make eye contact with me from the sidelines and knod, letting me know to follow you. It was the end of the 4th quarter. I made my way to the locker room, tipping the guard to let me pass. Oh, we knew each other well. I had sucked off his big black cock a few times to get my locker room pass.
You were waiting inside, already leaning over the bench, waiting for your tongue fucking. I buried my face between your ass cheeks, sniffing your smelly hole, and licking the sweat from the backside of your balls. I had a fetish for football players. They could do anything to me. I’d suck the shit from their turd tunnels, drink a gallon of Gatorade infused piss, and let the whole team surround me for some bukkake fun. Feeling their athletic sperm rain down on me made me piss myself with joy. I rooted in your asshole like a sow, making you moan in pleasure, as I lapped at your man-pussy. One of the other players walked in, and gasped, seeing my delight in your puckered hole. He reached down and gripped your cock and I reached for his big blacksnake. Our moans filled the locker room as we licked and sucked.
I won’t share the whole story but hoots and hollers filled the locker room as the rest of the team joined us. “Take one for the Team” took on a whole new meaning as the testosterone-fueled fuck machines joined us. It was a team cluster-fuck as every hole got fucked and filled. Don’t let these he-men fool you. Football is a team sport and today I found out the truth. My wrecked pussy and swollen lips are the proof of a game well played.

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