Another day he is gone

cum filled cunt becky1He is at work again, and I’m all by my lonesome. I go to my closet and find my tight pink dress. Oh, how I love this dress and I am sure you will to. It shows just enough cleavage, where my titties pop out but my little nipples stay tucked away. One wrong movement though and my nipples will pop right out the top of this dress, and I will be fully exposed to get titty fucked! It is ass grabbing tight around my curvy body. It comes up right below my butt cheeks, easy access if you know what I mean. I am not going to wear any panties that way when you bend me over, my pink little holes will be fully exposed waiting for you to fill them all up. I want to have a dirty sweaty fuck me in every hole experience. Since he is at work again I will be exploring another full day and night of getting my face fucked and all my holes filled up with lots of creamy juicy cum. I can’t wait anymore time for you, let me know when you are ready baby.

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