Anal Stretching

Anal Cum Dumpster

              I got caught up in having so much fun I forgot how the world shut down about 2 years ago; we all changed as well as the lives around us, or should I say- we were all exposed along with this filthy fucked up world. I’ve been making up for all the missed cock-I forgot my friend Kim needed to get tested with her munchkins and boy is her story deep. I thought I was the nastiest bitch in town, but turns out-she took all her shit out this week, literally. I took her in for an exam & waited for at least an hour- she came out with her youngsters glowing! Since she was so late on getting tested-her doctor needed to thoroughly test them with the help of his assistant. Kim had her ass cheeks spread out nice and wide by his assistant while her doctor stuffed his thick cock inside slowly, stretching that virgin ass. She never took cock so big in that tight ass of hers before, but my gosh did she love his! The way she still moans while describing that thick hard meat stick mmmm makes me want to eat them both! I knew I heard her moaning by the window of the exam room while I smoked my cigarette. I thought it was just memories from last night still lingering around my mind. Kim made sure to let him know NOT to stop fucking her until his dick was smothered in all of her shit. But it didn’t stop there-her little ones needed to be tested too she claimed. Kim and the assistant helped walk them through it very well. Holding their arms, rubbing their backs while both their tight assholes were stretched so nicely. Their doctor let his assistant and Kim slurp his cock up nice and clean after. She made sure they were well taken care of but of course keeping samples for the test was why any of this had to be done to begin with, according to Kim. Now I thought I could wait, but clearly I waited long enough. I set up an appointment with him next week, I can’t wait for him to fuck the shit out of me with that juicy cock. I want him to smack his assistant in the face with it while she smears her fingers through my shit. Now I’m proud of Kim for being a new anal whore, maybe I can take her out into town on the weekends!

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