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This morning, one of my little sissies was particularly well behaved. He wore the corset and the stockings
just like I told him to, and he knelt where I told him, repeating, “I’m a good little girl who obeys her
Queen.” His cock was so hard as he obeyed me, and I knew he deserved a reward. My sissy doesn’t need
a whimpering little kitty when he can have a lioness! I decided to invite a big black cock over to fuck my ass and fill it up with cum!
his little worthless eyes lit up thinking he was about to get to suck this massive cock instead I bent over by his face so he could smell this guy fucking my ass and cumming deep inside of it making cum drip down my leg! I told my little sissy to get busy cleaning up but don’t dare to cum without my permission and the answer will always be no!

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