Anal heaven!

anal sex whore blossomI was looking through my window today at my lovely neighbor, walking around in my favorite attire- in the nude. I was letting them see all I had to offer. I have my eye on my neighbor across the street, and better yet- he now has both of his eyes on me. I walk from room to room showing all of my goodies when I all of the sudden here a knock at my door. To my surprise there my neighbor is. He barged his way through my door and pushed me onto the tile. He took off his pants so that I could put that cock of his down my throat. As he fucked my face, my juices from my pussy ran all the way down my ass crack. He then flipped me on all fours and shoved that cock of his straight into my ass. I could have sworn he was touching my stomach he was ramming me so hard! Oh how I love anal! I can not wait to have another cock in my mouth and in my ass!

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