Anal Gape On My Break!


Creampie Slut

There are days where working in a strip club gets my wet trailer trash cunt in so much trouble! I was working the pole one night and after my dance a hot black guy came up to me and offered me some coke, I’m no stranger to the blow and needed a pick me up. I followed him to the bathroom to do a line with him but when I got inside the men’s room, the door slammed behind me and a whole group of black guys was standing there, waiting for me with their cocks hard and shiny. I did the line of coke off one of their dicks before letting them all shove their 11 inch cocks deep inside my already dripping wet pussy. They fought for control over my sloppy wet mouth and my throbbing cunt, I took two BBCs in my ass at the same time and got completely gaped before my shift was even over!

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