Anal cum dumpster

Anal cum dumpsterWanna know something most people don’t? I lost my ass virginity before my pussy and ever since then I’ve been addicted to taking cock in my shit hole. I am 100% obsessed with being a total Anal cum dumpster! Load after load being dumped into my ass as I beg for more and more. Nothing compares! I was young when I had my first cock in there, it was my first little boyfriend. He kept pressuring me to let him take my V-card but I wouldn’t give it to him. But eventually, we agreed on my ass. I was really scared it was going to hurt because his dick was so big and I wasn’t wrong. As he forced his cock into my ass I started to back out on it. But he wasn’t having that, he’d been waiting too long to fuck me and he was going to take what he felt like he owned. I screamed as he pounded away, which only turned him on more and he shoved it as deep as he could in. Blowing his load into my tight ass, turning me into the addict I am.

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