An Ass Full Of Beer

Hardcore anal sex

We were a bit drunk when we started fooling around. You had made me so horny I was ready for anything. You know anal sex is my weakness, so you started fingering my ass. As you continued stretching my hole, I asked you for something bigger. While I was talking about your cock, you had different ideas. There was a Corona in my office. You popped the top and started working it into my ass. As you started working it in and out, I played with my pussy getting more and more into the degrading act. Soon I was moaning and begging for more. That’s when you tipped the bottle and started letting the Corona fill my gut. The sensations running through me were incredible as I took in your beer enema. Once it emptied, you continued fucking me in and out with that bottle until I was literally begging you for your cock. Finally you replaced that hard glass bottle neck with your equally hard but thicker cock. I could feel your cock pushing the beer even deeper. I continued fingering my pussy as you pumped away at my full ass. Soon, you were adding your cum to my already full bottom and I was cumming with you. My anal contractions started pushing the beer back out, making my ass look like a beer fountain. Not letting it go to waste, you began drinking that beer cum mixture as it sprayed out of my ass. The taboo naughtiness of it all made me come even harder.

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