Amazing Birthday Present!

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I have the best friends in the world!  They surprised me with a Birthday Party and got me a ton of presents.  We drank a lot, we did a lot of weed, we danced a lot, and my house was a fucking mess, but I didn’t care.  Do you want to know what the best present I got was? I bet you can guess.  What is the perfect present for a cock hound? Cock!! Yes! You guessed it!

We were partying away and my doorbell rang.  I thought for sure it was my shitty neighbor who complains about every fucking thing, but it was a bunch of guys who I didn’t know.  I asked them if I could help them, the one in the front said, “You Luna?” I said, “Yes?”  They pushed their way right past me.  Oh hell no!  Nobody comes into my home without permission.  I was on my way back to my bedroom to get my gun when my one friend came in.  She said, “Luna! Stop it!  Those guys are your birthday present!  If you shoot one then you won’t be able to get fucked by him.”

She was right, shooting someone usually sets that libido at a very low level.  I asked her what she was talking about.  She went on to say that her and the other girls all chipped in and got me male hookers.  I was like Yay! She told me to just lay back that they had to get paid first then they would be in.  I couldn’t wait, I started to finger bang myself, I was so fucking horny!

Then the door opened and the Birthday Fuckstivities began!  I had only seen four at the door, but there were six!  Six nice, big dicks that I had for three hours, all to myself!  I was in heaven.  I kept taking pictures of all the cream pies that I kept getting.  Better than any damn Birthday Cake any day. My pussy was so coated in cum that when I we were done and I went to stand up, some of the cum fell out of me and hit the floor and the blanket was stuck to my ass.

I wish you could of been one of the guys, I would of loved to be fucked by you and showed you those awesome cream pies! 

Birthday Day Girl Out!


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