A Private Meeting

dirty phone sexI got a ticket and not a fix it ticket either. My lead foot was way over the speed limit, so much so that it wasn’t even pre-payable. My hot ass was going to have to show up at traffic court. I had other things in mind though. I made an after-hour appointment with the prosecutor to discuss the matter. I had done some research on him, and he was a “happily married” older guy with a family. Me, a total slut was about to become his favorite defendant. The secretary let me in to his office and told me he would be in shortly, but she would be leaving for the day. I peeped out a few times to make sure there was nobody in the office. I saw no one so I prepared, ready to present my case.

He walked in and I was completely naked except for the panties I was pulling off my leg. He stood in silence as I got up from the chair, walked to the door, and closed it. I pushed him into the chair and got on my knees. As I unbuckled his pants, I told him I would like to discuss dismissing my charges. He said nothing as I stroked his cock and took him deep into my mouth. A wet sloppy blowjob and ball sucking with titty fucking for an ending. He seemed stunned as I licked his cock clean. I leaned over him and grabbed my file and ripped it in two. He nodded his head yes and I kissed his forehead, got dressed and walked out.

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