A Fuck To Give

Creampie slut bobbie

All dicks need love- the biggest fear I have- is not finding a good fuck for this long weekend. I always have something in mind or pre-planned; Every morning I wake up, my cunt is throbbing begging for a nice, hot warm tongue to fill me up- followed by a hard thick cock. I am a fucking cum whore, what more did you expect? Some pillow princess that just lays there and gets dicked down?! No honey- I like to work my angles and If I can snort a line off your dick before you shove it up my ass. I’ll share the rocks I got with you once you cum in me, Why would you want it any other way? Better yet, we can go for another round and invite your plug, I don’t mind showing him what a deep cunt I have- promise it’ll make it worth the price honey, and if not- I won’t leave until he fucks me straight!

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