A Day In The Park

phone sex line cleoHe was very vague about the details. He wanted to role play, I had to wear what he bought me and I had to take a stroll down the jogging trail at the park. He didn’t care if I walked, jogged or crawled, as long as I was there.
My mind was going a hundred miles a minute and my cunt was wet with anticipation. The money was good and the mystery was erotic.
Pulling up the short grey jogging shorts I could feel my body tingle. As I pulled the matching grey top over my head and the material rubbed my hard nipple a shiver went straight to my pussy.
The pressure of my hard nipples pushing against my leg as I laced up and tied my sneakers almost made me cum.
I parked my car and headed for the jogging trail.
I found myself looking around for him but I could not find him.
Starting down the trail my stomach filled with butterflies and the crotch of my shorts began to get really wet.
I was almost to the end of the trail when I felt myself being pushed against a tree while something was slipped around my neck.
He turned me to face him and I heard the click as he attached the leash and shoved me on all fours.
The half shirt so short that my tits popped out. The little grey shorts barely covering my bare ass and the huge wet spot clearly visible with me in this position.
He walked me through the entire park. People staring, pointing, laughing and taking pictures as he paraded me around before putting me in his car and taking me home to fuck me.

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