Druggie Sex Party

hardcore orgy porn

I was fucked up the night that the pink unicorn came for me to take me away to Fairyland. Of course, I was always fucked up. Who wants to live the trailer trash life of the local truckstop cafe waitress. Working the parking lot and blowing the fat truckers gave me enough money to escape from reality. Who the fuck wants reality anyway? I want to stay in my little world where I am the princess and the men are evil toads who just want to stick their tiny toadie cocks in me. I’d already had warts too many times from those fuckers. All I needed was some gold to inject in my veins and make the real world fade into rainbows and princes on white horses with cocks of gold.
Tonight was no different. I’d been invited to a fuck party with all of the wealthy locals. They paid me well to keep my mouth shut and the drugs flowing into their skinny, veiny carcasses. Oh, they had their own reality and it was too boring for me. I needed the action, craved it. Let them attend dinner parties with their stuffy, sexless fat-ass wives and tiny dick husbands. Tonight was where the action was.
I laughed out loud as my skinny prince lead me to the fucking couch. It looked like a magical mushroom with its ugly pink color and big fat cushions. Better to cover up the cum stains, I suppose. Naked bodies writhed in twisted positions as cum blasted from mouth to pussy to ass. Asses were pumping, tits were jiggling and a collective moan rose from the crowd.
I giggled as I was pushed into the bed with a dozen other fuck fairies. What kinda fucking fairyland was this? I wanted my magical kingdom. This was one bad trip. I felt one of the trolls finger my cunt and I was whisked away in a sea of need. I was a fairy, floating free, high above the trashed trailers and greasy diner jockeys. My body was seized by great jerking waves of drug-induced orgasm. The sparkles fell all around me, coming down like blown fireworks.
My head buzzed and the fog clouded my vision as I tried to take in the scene. It was like a great monster, moaning and consuming. I felt my mouth being filled with jizz, my asshole opening as a Great White Cock pushed into me, and a young girl was eating my pussy. I could no longer take it and I screamed aloud as the force of my eruption washed over me, sending me into the ocean to drown.
I felt the prick of a needle into my vein and the golden rainbows surrounded me once again in my wonderful world of fuckdom, where the road goes on forever and the party never ends….

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