The life of the party


gangbang whore

I am always the life of the party. I mean what good is a gangbang whore if nobody can fuck her. Most guys know me by now so having a python cock shoved in my face within moments of arrival is such a normal thing anymore. I feel like a cum machine. Guys are jerking off on me while I have another squeezing and pinching my tits. These guys are in and out of my cunt and ass so much I don’t even try to count anymore. Occasionally one of them remembers I am a real person and offers me a line or three of nose candy well fuck yes I want it. Showered in cum from head to toe and full in every hole. I do not do the walk of shame home I Uber with pride.


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  1. gary

    Its not a party until you get there my favorite gangbang whore

  2. Sam

    My Hot fucktoy nasty Bitch.

  3. Steve

    Your a dirty whore but me and my boys want to fuck you!

  4. Michael

    I want to make you the main attraction at any party

  5. dirtyboy

    Mmmm I wanna be a part of the next gangbang

  6. Don

    I wish that was my dick between your tits

  7. Mick

    I got some cum for you whore.

  8. LJ

    ill cum all over those tits. I have so much cum built up.

  9. brian

    nasty ass skank!

  10. tom

    you are one nasty hag

  11. Kenneth

    Whores like you sure know how to make me happy

  12. Carl

    Your tits are great for titty fucking.

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