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Wanna stay all night

tranny phone sex

Stroking on my pretty penis feels so much better when you are slamming my ass over and over with your huge python of a cock. I can only take it for so long with you on your knees in front of me. I need to feel your huge throbbing dick deep inside my ass. This makes you smile when I say it. I rarely let you get any relief before I get to cum. But today I am feeling generous. I stroke myself off then let you cum all over my tits too. I get the munchies after a good fuck session and will want something sweet to lick on later. Unless you plan on staying all night then we can try for round three.

Put it in your mouth

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You say that you have never been with a girl like me before. Those words are so true too! When you reach your hand between my legs on the cab ride home you find out just how different I really am. My pretty penis is already growing for you. Once we get to your place I shove your hard dick into my mouth while you’re squeezing my tits and pinching my pink nipples. You shove my skirt down and my beautiful prick smacks you in the face. You look so sweet as you look up at me asking what you are supposed to do with it. Put in your mouth silly, open wide here it comes. Your warm tongue and thin lips around me feel amazing. I spin so that we are in 69 style now. I think you have done this before because you are about to make me cum. Just as my creamy elixir spouts from my cock yours erupts into my mouth.



tranny phone sex

Well, I think I have been caught doing tranny phone sex by the guy I am dating. He knew that I worked from home and was coming to surprise me was never a good idea. But he listens almost as much as he tells his drinking buddies who he has been fucking. Yes, he is still ashamed to be a cock sucker. He is really fucking good at it too I don’t know why he won’t tell anyone that I am his dirty little secret. Last night when he walls balls deep inside of my ass he blurted out that he loved me. Awkward! I do enjoy his huge loads of cum and the way he sucks on my cock is exquisite. I hope he is just drunk. That is how our rendezvous normally happen. Maybe he will let me cum all over his face tonight.

Why must we play this game

tranny phone sex

I so enjoy this game we play before you finally get down on your knees and suck my beautiful cock. You always act like you don’t love this dick but yet you always end up here. I feel totally open with you once we get naked and love the way your balls feel smacking off of my face. We are the perfect height to 69 just right. I swear your dick gets bigger when you have mine in your pretty mouth. I know it definitely feels amazing. Once you have finally swallowed all of my thick creamy cum I let you get off too. But not in my ass which is where I know you want to put it the most. I need all over my tits so I can have a tasty treat later.

I go first tough guy

tranny phone sex

It’s really funny to hear you laughing when you see me at the beach. I know I look better than your girl. Even funnier is that she is all woman. Have your laughs because I saw that tent rise up when I walked by you. Your wink let me know I would be seeing you soon. I had almost given up on waiting for you. True to your nature when the bar closes is when you show up to my place. Well this should be entertaining, you always try to be so tough and act like you don’t love this dick but come on and just put it in your mouth. Your lips look so good wrapped around my pretty penis. Threats of taking pictures is what makes your cock grow big and strong. Well you can’t fuck my tight asshole until you swallow every drop of my tasty cum.

Shemale Phone Sex at a Boutique

Shemale phone sexI love attention! I’d been out gift shopping for Christmas, when I noticed that I was being followed. At the next boutique I went into, I decided to see how interested he was. I was riffling through clothes and accessories, and decided to take a seat. When I noticed him trying to be coy about paying attention to me, I knelt up on the seat I was on, and pulled at my dress. I put a finger up to my mouth and slowly pulled my skirt up to where my big, hard dick was showing just under the edge of my dress. I had his full attention, now, and I couldn’t wait! I went into the nearest open dressing room, making sure he saw me leave it cracked open. When he walked in, I was on my knees, and his dick was right where I wanted it. I pulled it right out of his pants and started sucking it, and he started fucking into my face. Before long, though, he told me that he wanted my ass, so I bent over in that little room and let him have it! He plowed down into my tight little hole and banged me so hard we had the dressing room attendant banging on the door. I doubt I will be allowed back at that boutique for a bit, but it was SO worth it!

Hardcore Anal Sex at Neighbor’s

Hardcore anal sexI’d gone to help an elderly neighbor with his plants. He needed them all moved into his greenhouse before the cold came through. We’d finished up, and he’d invited me in for a short visit and a refreshment, and I took him up. We were chatting at his dining room table when his grandson came in, looking all studly and gorgeous. He joined us at the table, pouring himself a glass of tea. It wasn’t long before my neighbor headed to his room, stating that he’d worn himself out, and needed a nap. Grandson winked at me, and asked if I’d like to stay and visit with him, and I agreed. We took it to the family room. I wasn’t the least surprised when he started kissing me, and my willingness had his hands roaming my body. Then, he had us both out of our clothes, and lying back on the couch. His dick drilled up into me quickly, and had me gasping and moaning. I quickly cut that off, as I didn’t want to disturb the old man, but as cutie started thrusting up into me, it was all I could do to keep from moaning good. He knew how to really slam it home to a girl. He had me cumming all over myself, and working not to let any get on my neighbor’s couch! I walked home with a full load in my ass, and it felt delicious!

Hardcore Anal Sex with 2 BBCs

Hardcore anal sexThere was this one guy I used to go to school with, and I knew I never stood a chance with him. He and his brother were in town visiting their mom and the rest of the folks around, and they decided to pay me a visit while they were in town. This boy whole confessed to me how he’d always had a crush on me, and didn’t think I’d feel him. When I started telling him all the nasty things I’d always imagined doing to him, his AND his brother’s cocks saluted. That was all the more encouragement I needed! I invited them both back to my room, and started a menage a trois. I undressed them both while they semi-undressed me. I wound up with little brother’s dick in my mouth while big brother checked out my man-cunt, running his fingers and tongue over it. After a few passes, I felt the head of his dick trying to penetrate, and then it popped on into my brown star, and he was sliding home. Little brother reached underneath me and started stroking my dick as I kept sucking him and big brother continued to fuck my tight ass. We spent the entire rest of the afternoon in a fuck-fest!

Cum Guzzling Slut & New Neighbor

Cum guzzling slutHe’s new to the neighborhood, and I wanted to welcome him properly. So, I went over and invited him back to my place for dinner. I had made a lasagna and a hot apple pie, just in case he said yes. He was a hot, sexy man, and my little sphincter was just aching for his big, fat cock that kept teasing me under his tight-fitting jeans. He came over, and we ate, and I used every bit of ammo in my arsenal to let him know that this hot little minx was his for the taking, even running my foot up his leg and into his lap. He started off looking uncomfortable about my being so aggressive with my sexuality, but by the time we had pie with ice cream, his ass was mine. I took him back to my bedroom, and the first thing he did once he laid me down was unzip his fly and stick his dick into my mouth. He face-fucked me while he worked his way into my panties. He didn’t seem the least surprised by my thick, engorged shaft, either, and started stroking me right away. He stroked me to an orgasm as he came into my mouth and down my throat. We have a date for later this week, and I’m already getting hard again just thinking about it!

Shemale Phone Sex Forced BJ

Shemale phone sexJust before this cold front moved in, I decided I needed to take advantage of the still-gorgeous weather. I put on my blue jean shorts and a camisole top, and took a walk around the neighborhood. I was looking all kinds of cute, and I knew it. And yes, the attention was exactly what I was after. So, when he whipped around and started following me, talking to me about how sexy I was, I was a little flattered, sure. I don’t guess he knew what was in store for him, though. I led him back to my place, even invited him inside. As soon as he was comfortable, I started a little strip-tease for him. My braid hung over one shoulder as I dropped my cute little shorts, and then he saw my package. His hand, which had already been rubbing at his, gripped his manhood and started really going to town on it. So, I finished stripping, and walked over to him. But, instead of letting him take control, I hiked my leg up next to his hip on my couch, and I set the head of my dick right next to his mouth. I made him suck my dick for being such a rude asshole the entire walk. I even held his head still and choked him out with my cock a couple of times. I made him suck me all the way up to the point where I came, and then I came all down his chest and on his dick. I told him that if he thought he wanted a slut like me, he better come right the next time.

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