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Shemale Phone Sex at a Boutique

Shemale phone sexI love attention! I’d been out gift shopping for Christmas, when I noticed that I was being followed. At the next boutique I went into, I decided to see how interested he was. I was riffling through clothes and accessories, and decided to take a seat. When I noticed him trying to be coy about paying attention to me, I knelt up on the seat I was on, and pulled at my dress. I put a finger up to my mouth and slowly pulled my skirt up to where my big, hard dick was showing just under the edge of my dress. I had his full attention, now, and I couldn’t wait! I went into the nearest open dressing room, making sure he saw me leave it cracked open. When he walked in, I was on my knees, and his dick was right where I wanted it. I pulled it right out of his pants and started sucking it, and he started fucking into my face. Before long, though, he told me that he wanted my ass, so I bent over in that little room and let him have it! He plowed down into my tight little hole and banged me so hard we had the dressing room attendant banging on the door. I doubt I will be allowed back at that boutique for a bit, but it was SO worth it!

Hardcore Anal Sex at Neighbor’s

Hardcore anal sexI’d gone to help an elderly neighbor with his plants. He needed them all moved into his greenhouse before the cold came through. We’d finished up, and he’d invited me in for a short visit and a refreshment, and I took him up. We were chatting at his dining room table when his grandson came in, looking all studly and gorgeous. He joined us at the table, pouring himself a glass of tea. It wasn’t long before my neighbor headed to his room, stating that he’d worn himself out, and needed a nap. Grandson winked at me, and asked if I’d like to stay and visit with him, and I agreed. We took it to the family room. I wasn’t the least surprised when he started kissing me, and my willingness had his hands roaming my body. Then, he had us both out of our clothes, and lying back on the couch. His dick drilled up into me quickly, and had me gasping and moaning. I quickly cut that off, as I didn’t want to disturb the old man, but as cutie started thrusting up into me, it was all I could do to keep from moaning good. He knew how to really slam it home to a girl. He had me cumming all over myself, and working not to let any get on my neighbor’s couch! I walked home with a full load in my ass, and it felt delicious!

Hardcore Anal Sex with 2 BBCs

Hardcore anal sexThere was this one guy I used to go to school with, and I knew I never stood a chance with him. He and his brother were in town visiting their mom and the rest of the folks around, and they decided to pay me a visit while they were in town. This boy whole confessed to me how he’d always had a crush on me, and didn’t think I’d feel him. When I started telling him all the nasty things I’d always imagined doing to him, his AND his brother’s cocks saluted. That was all the more encouragement I needed! I invited them both back to my room, and started a menage a trois. I undressed them both while they semi-undressed me. I wound up with little brother’s dick in my mouth while big brother checked out my man-cunt, running his fingers and tongue over it. After a few passes, I felt the head of his dick trying to penetrate, and then it popped on into my brown star, and he was sliding home. Little brother reached underneath me and started stroking my dick as I kept sucking him and big brother continued to fuck my tight ass. We spent the entire rest of the afternoon in a fuck-fest!

Cum Guzzling Slut & New Neighbor

Cum guzzling slutHe’s new to the neighborhood, and I wanted to welcome him properly. So, I went over and invited him back to my place for dinner. I had made a lasagna and a hot apple pie, just in case he said yes. He was a hot, sexy man, and my little sphincter was just aching for his big, fat cock that kept teasing me under his tight-fitting jeans. He came over, and we ate, and I used every bit of ammo in my arsenal to let him know that this hot little minx was his for the taking, even running my foot up his leg and into his lap. He started off looking uncomfortable about my being so aggressive with my sexuality, but by the time we had pie with ice cream, his ass was mine. I took him back to my bedroom, and the first thing he did once he laid me down was unzip his fly and stick his dick into my mouth. He face-fucked me while he worked his way into my panties. He didn’t seem the least surprised by my thick, engorged shaft, either, and started stroking me right away. He stroked me to an orgasm as he came into my mouth and down my throat. We have a date for later this week, and I’m already getting hard again just thinking about it!

Shemale Phone Sex Forced BJ

Shemale phone sexJust before this cold front moved in, I decided I needed to take advantage of the still-gorgeous weather. I put on my blue jean shorts and a camisole top, and took a walk around the neighborhood. I was looking all kinds of cute, and I knew it. And yes, the attention was exactly what I was after. So, when he whipped around and started following me, talking to me about how sexy I was, I was a little flattered, sure. I don’t guess he knew what was in store for him, though. I led him back to my place, even invited him inside. As soon as he was comfortable, I started a little strip-tease for him. My braid hung over one shoulder as I dropped my cute little shorts, and then he saw my package. His hand, which had already been rubbing at his, gripped his manhood and started really going to town on it. So, I finished stripping, and walked over to him. But, instead of letting him take control, I hiked my leg up next to his hip on my couch, and I set the head of my dick right next to his mouth. I made him suck my dick for being such a rude asshole the entire walk. I even held his head still and choked him out with my cock a couple of times. I made him suck me all the way up to the point where I came, and then I came all down his chest and on his dick. I told him that if he thought he wanted a slut like me, he better come right the next time.

Tranny Phone Sex Slut & the Virgin

Tranny phone sexI love being a big-dick tranny phone sex slut! Nothing makes me hotter, or harder, than a man who can a big, thick cock up his poop chute. I had gone down to one of my favorite glory holes, looking for a new dick to fuck for the night. I spent a little time on my knees, sucking and licking all these random dicks, and even getting mine sucked a few times. Then, I felt it. He’d sucked me for a few minutes, but pulled off me pretty quickly. The next thing I knew, my dick was up against a tight little brown star, and he was trying to force his way onto my dick, and all I could think was that I had myself a little virgin ass hole here. He was grunting and groaning, straining to make my dick penetrate, and I pulled myself back and zipped my leathers up. I knocked on the stall door next to mine, and asked him if he’d like to go back to my place, and I could pop his cherry in a much better way. Hardcore anal sexHe was a sweet young thing, and I was still hard as a rock, sporting a tent all the way back to my house. People definitely knew what we were about to do, and I couldn’t have cared less. When I finally had him naked in my bed, I got his ass in the air and ate him out. It didn’t take him long to cum all over my bed, and I was glad I’d put down a few towels. I lubed him up with some astroglide, and I broadened his horizons….and his little man-cunt. I fucked that little ass all night long, and he had a nice, gaping hole when I was done with him. I even let him fuck my sphincter a couple of times. I can’t wait to do him again!

Gangbang Sex Stories – The Train

Gangbang sex storiesI went to a party the other night, and I knew I would get laid before the night’s end. What I wasn’t really ready for was the train that they ran on me. I was a little drunk, and I may have had a couple of x by the time they started in on me, but no one seriously expects a train when they are out enjoying themselves. I was getting rubbed up on by the 2 guys I was dancing with, and when they pulled me to the master bedroom, I was down for it. They took turns between my mouth and my ass, but I didn’t notice that there was a line growing at the foot of the bed, and before I knew it, I was having my face slowly turned for me. I saw the line, and the strange guy taking the place of the guy who had just cum in me, and I knew I was in for the ride of my life! There were dicks of all shapes and sizes, and every single one of them, one after the other, filled my hole up and made it gape just a little bit more, until I was left with a crater where my ass was at the beginning of the night. One of those twisted fucks surprised me even more by bending down and starting to clean all the jizz out of me. He licked my asshole clean, inside and out, before I was finally left alone with the 2 I had started the night with. I took their asses home with me!

Pissing Sex for the Douche at the Bar

Pissing sexHe thought I’d be a little bitch. Apparently my head-to-toe leather just screamed submissive to him. Or, maybe it was just his way of getting me to make him my little bitch. I don’t know. What I do know is he stepped to me all kinds of sideways, talking down to me and basically telling me that I was going to go home with him. He was ok, as long as he was just talking shit, but the he laid a hand on me. The minute he did that, he was done. It took very little effort to put his ass on the floor, and my heeled boot was on his head in a second, pressing his head into the floor. I told him that if he thought he wanted to leave this place in tact, he would do as I said and not think twice about it. He agreed, and I told him to lick my boot. Once he’d done that once, I decided it needed something more. I ordered him to stay where he lay, not to move a muscle, as I stripped my skin-tight pants off, leaving me in just my boots from my waist down. I allowed him to look up, then, as I undid my blouse. I pulled my tits out and let him see my dick and my tits one good time before pissing all over his head. I made him lick my boot again before I allowed him to suck my cock. Well, I more face-fucked him than allowed him, but I’m sure you get the picture. I stared down at him, licking and sucking on my own tits as he fucked my cock with his mouth. I sent him home with my piss in his hair and my cum all over the front of his clothes. I bet he never lays hands on a lady again!

Anal Sex Whore Seriously Fucked!

Anal sex whoreI went window-shopping today and wandered into a side-walk art show. 2 whole blocks in front of the boutiques and bakeries and stuff were lined with vendors tables of art and handmade crafts. There was some amazing stuff, but my favorite part was the guy who was selling wood-works. He was very good with his hands, and he seemed like he was very interested in me, too. I passed him my number before I left, and when he called, I could not stop my heart from racing, or my cock from getting instantly hard. I gave him my address, and then got ready for a great time! What I didn’t expect was such a commanding man! He walked into my house like he owned it, took possession of my body, and stripped me like I was a burglar who was trying to keep him from what was his. His hands took hold of my tit and my cock at the same time, and I swear, it felt like he really did own me. I let him have his way with me, bending over when he told me to, sucking when he told me to, all without a word from him. Blonde fuckingFinally, he settled back on my couch, pulling me down on his lap. His dick pushed against my ass, it was so big, and he lifted my legs up over our heads to make sure it was as open to him as it could get. When the head finally popped in, I couldn’t help but groan. He shoved the rest of his big cock so deep so fast, it took my breath away, and then he was fucking me and telling me to stroke my dick for him. When we came together, I came so hard, it spurted both of us in the face. Oh, I hope I get to fuck him again soon!!

Hardcore Anal Sex in the Park

Hardcore anal sexIt was gorgeous outside, so I took a walk down to my favorite park. Since school is back in, and people work daylight hours, I had the place almost all to myself, and I took time to relax on my favorite seat. I saw him before he saw me, but I could tell the moment he noticed me. I could also tell right away that he noticed me, and that he was into me. So, I took off walking toward a less public part of the park, and he followed close behind. At one point, I played coy, and I lost him in the trees. By the time he found me, I was naked as could be, with my dick poking out behind. Blonde fuckingI was displaying all my goodies to my best advantage, and he was feeling it. He walked up behind me, stroked my thighs, then ran a hand over my cock and balls and up my ass cheek. The next thing I knew, his cock was out and rubbing against my own. He bent me against that tree, rubbed his dick up and down my crack until he started stuffing me with it. His hand reached around me and started stroking my own hard shaft. He drove us both til we came hard together. He’s got plans to meet me for dinner tonight. Here’s hoping we have many more fun times together!

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