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Pretty little secret

shemale phone sex

The way your hard dick feels in my tight little ass is one of my favorite things about you. But when you start licking my pretty penis getting it nice and hard. Even though you know once its hard I am ramming it into you without mercy. You have no safe words when I am ready to bust my nut deep inside of you. Your orgasm was just a tease of the pleasure I am sure to find in our evening together. I know tomorrow you will go to work and brag about the sexy bitch you took home and fucked last night, bet you won’t tell them that I fucked you too. You might be surprised at the number of your co-workers I have already deflowered.


My trick was his treat

tranny phone sex

Halloween is my favorite fucking holiday. I only want cum, not any candy. I stumbled upon a group of guys at my favorite after-hours spot and lured the drunkest of them home with me. While I was down on my knees sucking hard on his long hard cock I looked up and asked him trick or treat with a huge smile on my face. He, of course, said treat so I told him to undress me with his teeth. I was expecting him to be shocked when he slid off my panties but he wasn’t. He just looked up and me grinned and said trick very good and sucked my pretty penis better than anyone else has in quite some time.


My pretty surprise

tranny phone sex

You were in for a surprise when you tried tranny phone sex with me. I am so much than this beautiful face and luscious tits. I know you knew the surprise I hid in my panties. But I am going to make you beg for it babe. You really are my little fag boy sucking on my cock all day long no matter how long it may take me to cum. You know that only once my pretty penis is happy with you do you receive your reward. It’s my secret that I enjoy this part too. Bending over and spreading my ass cheeks apart so you have no disruptions to ram you big dick in my cute little asshole pussy. Feeling our balls bouncing off of each other makes my nipples so damn hard. But the feeling of your cum running down my cock an balls is even tastier.

I need to cum

shemale phone sex

You love how hard my pretty penis gets when I let you wrap your lips around it. I don’t have to play hard to get when we are around your buddies. You are so fucking jealous when any of them even look at my ass. Well maybe if they all sucked my dick as good as you, they could get a better show. I can’t wait until this football game is over your friends keep grabbing my ass my dick is getting so hard. Oh, it’s halftime I’m dragging you outside behind the fucking garage. I need to blow this load in your mouth right now. If you do a good job I might let you spit my cum back in my mouth.


My neighbor is a peeping tom

tranny phone sex

So my fucking neighbor was being a peeping tom while I was on a tranny phone sex call. Of course, he started knocking on my door. Thank God the call was just ending, so I went and answered the door wearing exactly what I was wearing on the call. Nothing lol! He started stuttering and stammering so I just grabbed his shirt and drug him into my house. Once I wrapped my mouth around his dick he reached over to my pretty penis and started jacking me off. I stood up and his face was so sad like I would let a hard dick go to waste. He was speechless when I slid his dick in my ass so smoothly. Letting him blow his load inside of me was almost as great as mine exploding in his face.


Share with your friends

tranny phone sex

Such a pretty cock like mine goes super deep when I fuck you like this. You love my big dick so much I don’t understand why you won’t take me out in front of your friends. Maybe you’re jealous and you think they would try to steal me away from you. Baby this big pretty cock of mine loves the way your mouth feels but surely you don’t think you are the only one I keep my bed warm with. You could have a lot more fun if you would just invite your friends over so that we could have a big fucking gangbang. You should know by now that they all come over an blow me all the time. You even suck my dick after I get done fucking most of them. Food for thought love.

Don’t get caught having drunken fun

tranny phone sex

I can’t help it that I enjoy being fucked outside. We were having a big bonfire and I was drunk as shit when you stumbled upon me taking a piss. I didn’t know that you were a cock lover too. You had my pretty pecker in your mouth as soon as my stream quit flowing. I am glad that big oak tree was behind me you were sucking so hard my knees almost buckled. Even after I blew my load you didn’t stop. Well, that was until you heard your girlfriend calling your name and asking your buddies if they had seen you. It’s ok sweetie you always know where to find me. Even if it is just when you have had one too many.


Wanna stay all night

tranny phone sex

Stroking on my pretty penis feels so much better when you are slamming my ass over and over with your huge python of a cock. I can only take it for so long with you on your knees in front of me. I need to feel your huge throbbing dick deep inside my ass. This makes you smile when I say it. I rarely let you get any relief before I get to cum. But today I am feeling generous. I stroke myself off then let you cum all over my tits too. I get the munchies after a good fuck session and will want something sweet to lick on later. Unless you plan on staying all night then we can try for round three.

Put it in your mouth

shemale phone sex

You say that you have never been with a girl like me before. Those words are so true too! When you reach your hand between my legs on the cab ride home you find out just how different I really am. My pretty penis is already growing for you. Once we get to your place I shove your hard dick into my mouth while you’re squeezing my tits and pinching my pink nipples. You shove my skirt down and my beautiful prick smacks you in the face. You look so sweet as you look up at me asking what you are supposed to do with it. Put in your mouth silly, open wide here it comes. Your warm tongue and thin lips around me feel amazing. I spin so that we are in 69 style now. I think you have done this before because you are about to make me cum. Just as my creamy elixir spouts from my cock yours erupts into my mouth.



tranny phone sex

Well, I think I have been caught doing tranny phone sex by the guy I am dating. He knew that I worked from home and was coming to surprise me was never a good idea. But he listens almost as much as he tells his drinking buddies who he has been fucking. Yes, he is still ashamed to be a cock sucker. He is really fucking good at it too I don’t know why he won’t tell anyone that I am his dirty little secret. Last night when he walls balls deep inside of my ass he blurted out that he loved me. Awkward! I do enjoy his huge loads of cum and the way he sucks on my cock is exquisite. I hope he is just drunk. That is how our rendezvous normally happen. Maybe he will let me cum all over his face tonight.

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