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Anal Sex Whore Seriously Fucked!

Anal sex whoreI went window-shopping today and wandered into a side-walk art show. 2 whole blocks in front of the boutiques and bakeries and stuff were lined with vendors tables of art and handmade crafts. There was some amazing stuff, but my favorite part was the guy who was selling wood-works. He was very good with his hands, and he seemed like he was very interested in me, too. I passed him my number before I left, and when he called, I could not stop my heart from racing, or my cock from getting instantly hard. I gave him my address, and then got ready for a great time! What I didn’t expect was such a commanding man! He walked into my house like he owned it, took possession of my body, and stripped me like I was a burglar who was trying to keep him from what was his. His hands took hold of my tit and my cock at the same time, and I swear, it felt like he really did own me. I let him have his way with me, bending over when he told me to, sucking when he told me to, all without a word from him. Blonde fuckingFinally, he settled back on my couch, pulling me down on his lap. His dick pushed against my ass, it was so big, and he lifted my legs up over our heads to make sure it was as open to him as it could get. When the head finally popped in, I couldn’t help but groan. He shoved the rest of his big cock so deep so fast, it took my breath away, and then he was fucking me and telling me to stroke my dick for him. When we came together, I came so hard, it spurted both of us in the face. Oh, I hope I get to fuck him again soon!!

Hardcore Anal Sex in the Park

Hardcore anal sexIt was gorgeous outside, so I took a walk down to my favorite park. Since school is back in, and people work daylight hours, I had the place almost all to myself, and I took time to relax on my favorite seat. I saw him before he saw me, but I could tell the moment he noticed me. I could also tell right away that he noticed me, and that he was into me. So, I took off walking toward a less public part of the park, and he followed close behind. At one point, I played coy, and I lost him in the trees. By the time he found me, I was naked as could be, with my dick poking out behind. Blonde fuckingI was displaying all my goodies to my best advantage, and he was feeling it. He walked up behind me, stroked my thighs, then ran a hand over my cock and balls and up my ass cheek. The next thing I knew, his cock was out and rubbing against my own. He bent me against that tree, rubbed his dick up and down my crack until he started stuffing me with it. His hand reached around me and started stroking my own hard shaft. He drove us both til we came hard together. He’s got plans to meet me for dinner tonight. Here’s hoping we have many more fun times together!

Tranny Phone Sex After Clubbing

Tranny phone sexHe came home from the club with me, and immediately had to go to the bathroom. I could have been disappointed by that, but I just curled up in my bed, against the headboard, positioning so that he could get a perfect view of my pretty panties covering my sack. He came into the room, and his tent was already obvious, but I watched it jump as he saw me. When he got to the bed, we started stripping each others’ clothes off, tossing them wherever. Finally, we were skin to skin, and I was so ready for him. I ran my hands up his nipples, tweaking and twisting them as his pressed and squeezed my tits together. He pushed me back on the bed, lifted my legs, and crawled between my thighs. My cock was in his hand, my balls so full already as he started fingering my tight fucking hole. Anal sex whoreWhen he had 2 fingers in me, he started fucking, twisting his fingers inside me, opening that tight little muscle so that he could press the head of his cock into it. Then, his fingers were gone, and his cock was slowly sliding all the way into me. That hard shaft, as big as it was, took my breath away for a minute. Finally, he was fucking my tight ass. He pulled my legs up and together, and held them that way, reaching around to stroke my dick as he fucked me. We both came hard and licked each other clean, sharing our cum in a delicious kiss.

Hardcore Anal Sex with a Bitch-Boy

Fucking little bitch-boy thought he could do whatever he wanted, and treat me however he wanted. It was time to teach him a little lesson. I called him up, asked him to come over, made it sound like I was his horny little fuck-bitch. When he got here, I had 2 friends waiting for him the moment he knocked on my door. Hardcore anal sexThey hauled his ass inside and masked him, tied him up for me, and left him kneeling on the floor. I walked over to him, telling him what a filthy, ugly piece of trash I really thought he was for treating me the way he did. I used my riding crop on his ass cheeks, and he howled at me, called me a bitch. I told him I’d show him what a little bitch really was. I pissed right down his chest, and he didn’t think anything of it, until I pulled that mask off of him. When he saw my dripping cock, it registered, and he started to curse me, but I stopped him with my dick in his mouth, still dripping my pee. I shoved straight down his throat, and started throat fucking him. He made to move, but my friends threatened him while I dug the riding crop into his back. Trailer trash whoreHe shut up and took that dick like the good little bitch-boy he was. When I felt like my cock was clean enough, I pulled out of his mouth, running my cock along it once for good measure. That was when I spun him around, put his head to the ground and put a heel on it. Then, I pushed that as up as much as I could get it, and opened it up with my dick. Little bitchy-boy who always wanna be up in my ass treating me like shit screamed at having me up in his. He couldn’t take it. I bet that pansy-ass doesn’t darken my doorstep again.

Gangbang Sex Stories of Voyeurism

Gangbang sex storiesWell, last night was definitely interesting. Went down to one of the quieter clubs for the evening to wind down after a really bad day. As the night closed down, and the bar shouted its last call, I caught a sight that I never in a million years expected to see while at a club. There was a group of men surrounding a very naked bald man, and they appeared to be starting a gangbang. I moved closer to see what the deal was, and found that the leader of the fray was the guy’s dominant. He was telling the rest of the group that they could do whatever the fuck they wanted, just to help him punish his lover. They started shoving him around, pushing him to his knees, smacking him across the face with hands and cocks. Well, by this point, I was hard as a rock, and I pulled myself out and started stroking as I watched. They finally picked him up and settled him between two of them, and they double penetrated his asshole. The screams where they were ripping him slowly apart were music to my ears, and I came shortly afterward, but they kept going. They all took turns with that stretched out, ripped up ass hole.

Big Dick Sucker Roleplay

Big dick suckerHe came over as I was coming out of the bathroom in nothing but my towel. My big, hulking, handsome black friend who was working on my fridge had let him in. Well, I already knew what he was there for, but the instant boner when he saw me coming out of the bath like that was it. We were on each other in a flash, kissing our way to the bedroom. I wound up on bottom as we swallowed each others’ dicks. My friend walked in, I guess to make sure he’d found me, and was pleasantly surprised by what he found. He walked over and ran his hand over my guest’s cheeks, then started massaging both his cheeks. He bent down and ran his tongue up and down my guest’s ass, making him swell and thrust harder and deeper into my mouth. My friend’s tongue found that tight little hole and started to lick and penetrate it, and my guest groaned as his cock throbbed in my throat. My friend put a finger, then 2, inside my guest, and my guest went about buck-wild as his prostate got a fantastic massage. Then, my friend put the thick mushroom head of his enormous cock at the entrance and started to push in. No sooner had the head penetrated than my guest was blowing his load straight down my throat. After a few more thrusts, I came up into my guest’s throat. We carried on like that for hours!

Blonde Fucking Slut at the Club

Blonde fuckingI went to the strip club with a couple of friends the other night. There was a bachelor party going on, and all the guys were having a great time, it seemed. I couldn’t keep my eyes off one of them in particular, and he seemed like he might be interested in me, too. Finally, their party started splitting up, and some of them hit VIP rooms. Well, he came over and asked me if I’d like to join him for a private drink. I took him up on his offer, and we found our own VIP room. He pulled me right in and started kissing me, rubbing his hands over the globes of my ass, spreading them apart under my dress. Anal cum dumpsterI decided to play coy, and pulled away from him, walking over to the love-seat. I teased him with some shots of my ass under my dress, and he took the bait. He walked right up to me, bent me over that couch, and stripped me down. I’ve never had my ass eaten so thoroughly in such a short time, and then he was inside of me, and he plowed into me so hard and deep that it rammed me onto the couch, and my face into the wall. He pounded my man-gina so hard, I’m surprised they let us stay in that room. But they did, and he fucked me senseless, pouring his jizz out into my sphincter at the last minute as I emptied my balls all over the floor. Ooh, I hope I get to see him again soon!!

Blonde Fucking Whore & the Visitor

Blonde fuckingHe thought he was going to walk up to my door and start discussing his religious beliefs with me like it was Sunday, and I was the holy choir. Well, I invited him inside, let him get all comfy and even offered him a drink. I let him get into his spiel, feigning a bit of interest to keep him talking as I walked around behind him. I reached out and grabbed his hair, pulled his head back and looked directly into his eyes as I told him what I was going to do to him. He started to argue that he would just show himself out, but his hard cock told me everything. I stripped his shirt off and slid my hands down his body to undo his pants. He fought it at first, but it wasn’t long before I had him flipped around on my couch on all fours, and was pressing my hard cock against his asshole. I managed to push through that tight little hole, and I started plowing into him, hard and deep. All the time I was fucking him, I was telling him that if he ever showed up at my door again, I would assume it meant he wanted more of what he was getting. I finally blew my load deep in him, and made him leave without even letting him get off. I wonder if he’ll be back?

That Big, Delicious Latino Cock!

He was a gorgeous Latino man, and he came home with me from the home improvement store. I dropped to my knees and took his pants with me, letting that big, beautiful hunk of man-meat out to play! I ran my tongue over the head, then up the length of the shaft from the base, before I swallowed that delicious cock. He didn’t let me suck him for too long. Big dick suckerHe turned me around, bent me over and pulled off my pretty little panties, and pulled my dress over my head, leaving me in nothing but my garter. He took his still-wet dick and rubbed it up and down my crack, teasing my balls with it a few times, and then started to press it into my tight man-cunt. When the thick head finally broke through, the even thicker, satiny, hard shaft filling my ass just drove me wild! Just when I thought he’d gone as deep as we were getting it, he bent me over, wrapping his arm around my chest, and walked forward, so that his legs were around my waist. He managed to get even deeper, and lord-have-mercy!! I about came then and there. I had to fight to hold it back a while so he could really fuck me. When we finally did cum, it was together, and I made the most beautiful mess all over my floor! Good thing I keep my floors clean enough to eat off of. 😉

Trailer Trash Whore Rape Fantasy

Trailer trash whoreWent out to shoot pool with some friends the other night. We were having a great time, and I looked damn fine, if I do say so. My pants were snug and my tits were perfectly displayed. We had finished 2 rounds already, and I was sitting at the bar, relaxing with a beer, when he walked up to me. He straight up grabbed my cock right there where I sat, and I came up out of my chair. I reared back t throw a punch, but he grabbed that hand and pulled me in for a deep, hot fucking kiss. Well, I like a man who knows how and when to take control, but this guy had me irritated. He worked our way over to the men’s room, keeping me quiet with his mouth on mine. Strong as I am, he was overpowering, and he got me into the men’s room and locked the door. He undid my pants while he still kept my mouth covered with his own, and he grabbed my cock as I struggled against him. He pinned me to the wall and dropped my pants, then lifted my legs up to wrap around him as he slid his dick straight up into my ass. It hurt so much, but he was so big, and I was suddenly so full of cock that it literally took a moment to register that I was about to get fucked. He plowed up into me hard, over and over again, drilling my ass and massaging my prostate until I came all over my bare stomach. He finally came inside me not long after that, and then left me to myself in the restroom, my ass hole gaping and dripping his baby making juice.

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