You Have To Earn It

phone sex line evonneHe wanted my cunt so fucking bad that he was practically begging for it so I told him, that he had to earn it. He thought I meant wining and dining me but that is not what I had in mind.
I made arrangements for an evening and invited him over. He arrived to find me and four other men gathered together. If he could pass this test I would give him a piece of ass.
I made him a drink and instructed him to sit on the couch and not move.
My four friends descended on me an began to ravish my body. They fucked me like the whore I am both filling my cunt with cum and covering me in it.
When all was said and done I called him over and ordered him to his knees. Leaning up against the table I pushed his face into my cunt and let all the cum drain down into his mouth while I ordered him to suck it all out of me.
The only hole that hadn’t been fucked by my four friends was my ass. When he was done I bent over and spread my ass wide inviting him to fill it up with his jizz.
Tomorrow he comes over for what he earned, my pussy will be all his!live phone sex twitter

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