Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Dirty phone sex

People can be such douches. Yes I dress slutty, yes I am very promiscuous, but fucking hell do not judge me.  A few doors down from me lives this old pain in the ass couple.  They saw me a few days ago and told me that they were going to call the cops.  They did too.  I wasn’t even doing anything, I was just walking home.  That old bitch was saying that people like me only brought drugs, crime, and scum into their neighborhood, well yeah, but at that moment I was doing none of those things.  The cops rolled up, called me over to their car; yes they know my name; I went over there and told them that I was just walking home.  They sent me on my way while they went to have a talk with Mr. and Mrs. Bitchy.

That wasn’t the only time they called the cops on me.  Five fucking times, Five! For walking down the damn side walk.  At first I was going to let it go, they are old, crazy old, you can’t fight crazy.  That fifth time though, that pissed me right off.  I decided that something needed to be done.  No, I wasn’t going to fuck the old man, he is really old, I mean reaaaally old!  No thank you.  Turns out they have a lot of grands.  As a matter of fact one of them are just a little bit older than me.  I remember seeing him and his basic bitch wife at the old bat’s house.

They are there every Thursday evening for a family dinner.  There have to be at least thirteen cars there.  I waited until the one that I was targeting showed up.  As I was walking by I stared right at him, he kept looking at me and I smiled.  He smiled back so I blew him a kiss.  He looked nervous, then he helped his wifey into the house.  I stood across the street watching every one through the bay window.  The grand that I blew the kiss too, kept looking out the window at me, I would lift my skirt up to show my pussy, or open my jacket to show him one of my tits.  This went on for a pretty long time.

I was ready to leave, I was thinking that this wasn’t going to work, then I saw him come out the door.  He waved to me to move away from where I was standing, so I did.  I started to walk toward the house, his eyes got really big, I sat on the hood of his car and spread my legs.  He came toward me, I laid back, spread my legs wider then started to finger myself.  He was walking much faster now.  When he got to me I quickly grabbed him and pulled him onto me.  He was hard, but his pants were still on. I could see the front door start to open, I grabbed him by his hair and roughly shoved his head down between my legs, he was just about to start licking and his wife yelled.

I jumped off the hood of the car, and smoothed down my skirt.  I winked at him, then kissed him.  Now most of the family was on the porch watching, the old bitch made her way to the front then started to come toward us, yelling that he should get away “from the slut from the wrong side of the tracks”.  Lady doesn’t realize that we live on the same damn street.  When she got to us she pulled him away from me.  She told me to get off her property, I told her that if she ever called the cops on me again, I would fuck her whole family, one by one, male, female, young, old, and then I would make sure there were pictures taken of each fuck session and I would post them all over our street.  She looked like I kicked her in the gut.

I walked away singing.  She walked way looking mortified.  I wonder how that ride home was for that guy and his wife.

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