White trash fun time

white trash phone sex

Another night, another dollar. I was feeling super horny tonight so I asked the girls if I could do shower duty and clean the truckstop showers. I always know I’ll find a kinky trucker ready to indulge my potty fantasies. Sure enough, a tall lean trucker walked right in on me while I was bent over scrubbing the toilet. I laughed and told him that he would have to use me if he needed to pee cause I had work to do. His big boner about burst from his jeans as he freed a nice thick 10 inch. I could tell that he was one of those slightly sadistic types who loves to manhandle and degrade a girl a bit. He had no idea what he was getting into tonight. As his yellow stream left his cock, my mouth was wide open for the ammonia shooter that he blasted down my throat. He was so aroused that he kept up the ¬†beat with some hot throat action and a sperm chaser. Oh yes, this potty girl knows where to find her men. Hours of riding in a big rig makes for the very tastiest bladder wine.

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