Wait And Watch

live phone sex cleoHe loves sitting back and watching me pull my panties a side, revealing my hot brown pussy. I know just how to tease him while I watch his dick slowly grow to it’s massive and impressive size!
Using my open palm I rub mu pussy real good while looking him straight in the eye. Then I slowly open my lips and show him the moist pink inside. It isn’t wet yet, just naturally moist and glistening. I guide my finger from the bottom all the way up the center to the clit where I rub in small circles while my rose bud blooms to a nice ripe and plump ball. Opening my lips wider he can see the juices starting to form. I notice pre-cum starting to form on the tip of his cock and I slide a finger into the moist folds of my brown lips slowly.
It won’t be long now and he will be on me, fucking this juicy pussy hard and fast and dumping a load of spunk deep inside me.

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