Trouble On A Road Trip

Cum guzzling slut

I know you are fucking wondering where the hell I have been.  I managed to get myself into some trouble in some butt fuck no where town.  It was really stupid.  I wasn’t even doing anything, and I got nicked.  Sure I was going a little bit over the speed limit, but just by a tiny bit. Okay, so maybe 30 mph over the speed limit was a bit much, but I didn’t deserve to be taken to jail.  For fuck sake, call one cop a motherfucking shithead and have an old warrant and your ass is hauled off.

Oh, did I mention that I didn’t have any pants on? Yeah, I spilled coffee all over them so I stopped a little bit before I got pulled over and took them off because I didn’t want to drive in wet pants.  Makes perfect sense right? Yeah I thought so too.  I’m standing there waiting for someone to bring me some damn sweats, or hell even the jumpsuit, something.  I was being processed and still no fucking pants.

All the guys were looking at me like I was some sort of snack, then bingo.  Idea.  I mean if none of them were trying to hide the fact that they would like to fuck me, then maybe there were no cameras or they were dirty.  There were only four of them.  I got on the door and tried to look around for cameras and I didn’t see any.  I sat down and waited.

Finally, the door opened and they had my pants from my car.  They still looked a little wet but not as wet as before.  When the guard was giving me my jeans I touched his hand.  That is a huge no no, no touching.  He didn’t mind though, I gave him a little smile, he smiled back.  I sat down on the seat and spread my legs.  I asked him straight up, that if I were to fuck him and his buddies, or suck them off, would they let me go.

He turned around and closed the door.  Shit.  It didn’t work, at least that is what I thought.  These motherfuckers were rough!  Choking me, slapping my face, slapping my tits, fucking me in pussy and ass.  It was a great time, that is until they were done and I thought I was leaving, and that is when they thanked me for the good time but I had to earn my way out.  I was pissed.

This shit went on for three days.  They finally let me go with a warning.  I’m pretty fucking sure that was highly illegal, but the fact that I bribed them with my fuck holes was illegal too.  All in all it wasn’t really that bad, I mean I had plenty of dick, day and night, but it took me forever to get back home.

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