Trench Coat Surprise

phone sex lines cleao4Feeling rather naughty I devised a great plan. Taking all my clothes off and putting on nothing but my trench coat, my pussy was dripping wet as I picked up my keys and headed out the door.
He is always ready for whatever crazy scheme I have in mind. We are in the Big Apple and there is so much to do, but I want to do something that no one else does while visiting The City That Never Sleeps.
With a huge grin on my face I knock on his hotel door and wake him up. I give him time to dress and drag him from his room.
Before he knows it we are in Central Park at the crack of dawn and I open my coat to show him that I am totally naked. His dick is rising and the juice is dripping down the inside of my thigh.
Wrapping my trench coat around him right there I pull out his cock and fuck the shit out of him. He cums in record time and I take him by the hand moving along.
That is when I saw him in the bushes, in a cardboard box with a newspaper blanket over him to keep out the chill.
I can’t help myself and I go over and put one foot on either side of his head, his eyes open and he sees my cunt with jizz and pussy juice dripping out of it. My friend grabs his hand and shoves his dirty fingers up my pussy and then pulls them out and stuffs them in the guys mouth before whispering in my ear, “Ride his cock while I watch and jerk off.”
Looking at him with an evil grin I bend down and pull the homeless guys cock out and then lower myself on his hard cock with my trench coat wrapped around us in a way that only my friend can see my cunt riding this dick that is bigger then I thought it would be.
I locked eyes with my friend and watch him jerking off while I bounce up and down. Both he and this stranger explode at the same time, my friend in my face and the homeless stranger deep in my already cum filled pussy.
And we are just getting started!

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