Sweet Young Kitty

Everyone loves  a sweet young innocent kitty!Live Phone Sex Freida

And my little pre-whore loves the attention!

I was practicing my moves at the club the other day and she had wondered off again!

I couldn’t find her anywhere and then I heard her tiny young voice giggling from my bosses office!

I walked in and she was completely naked, laying sprawled out on his desk with his face buried between her young thighs!

He looked up from his meal, his cheeks covered in young pussy cream and started trying to make excuses!

My little slut turned her head and grinned at me! “Hey Mommy!”, she giggled.

Then she pushed my bosses face back down into her smooth dripping cunt!

Her tiny tits were peaked with the hardest little pink nipples and her back arched off the desk like a little mini porn star!

My sweet young slut just made my boss her bitch!

I guess the girl knows what she likes!


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    • Rob on February 19, 2021 at 10:17 am
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    You can both please my dick mama and daughter get me so hard

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