Saving Me From Myself

Gangbang whore

What up bitches?!? You will never guess what happened to me last night.  I think it is pretty fucking funny because apparently I need “saving”.  First of all I have to give you a very short backstory.  On occasion I hook up with a Minister’s son.  Wow, shortest short backstory ever.  We have been fucking off and on for a couple of years.  I do it not because he is gifted in the cock department it is simply because I hate his Father.  I hate what he stands for, I hate how he thinks he is better than the people in our neighborhood, I hate how he looks down at the homeless, I hate that he isn’t Christian like in the least.  Neither am I, but I don’t say I am then act in a different way.  The man is a fucking hypocrite.

His son is good looking though, so it makes up for the cock situation.  I usually go for very large dicks, but in this case I have made an acceptation based solely on principle.  There we were, in his Dad’s bed, fucking away, we never heard his Dad come home.  Next thing the door was kicked open.  He rushed in, grabbed his son, yanked him off of me, then tossed my clothes at me, and hauled his son out of the room.  I took a few pics, and sent them to his son.  I heard good ole Holy Dad yelling asking his son what he was looking at on his phone.  

Then I heard him yelling again but this time he was coming back down the hall toward his bedroom.  I put my phone down and calmly started to get dressed.  He came in, looked at me, I smiled and blew him a kiss.  He called me a slut, a sex demon who was tempting his son.  A sex demon? I sorta liked that.  I am pretty sure that I wasn’t just tempting his son, since Mr. Holy’s cock was clearly getting hard.

He told me that I needed Jesus in my life, that I need to be saved from myself.  He was angry that we were having sex in his bed, but he was more angry about the fact that our souls were in jeopardy.  What a load of shit.  He didn’t care about our soul, he was fucking jealous that his son was fucking my hot cunt and not him.  His cock was getting harder and harder.  I started to laugh a little bit, which just made him angrier.  Then it really got funny.  His face was so red, he started yelling louder.  I told him to just calm the fuck down, I would leave.

As I was walking by his son I stopped to kiss him deeply and grope his cock through his boxers.  His Dad started to yell all over again.  I walked out the door knowing that if I wanted I could fuck the Dad.  Maybe I should, maybe I should put his soul in jeopardy too, I might as well have some company in hell, apparently that is where I will be going.

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