Playing The Domme Mommy

Cum eating phone sex

I amaze myself at what I will do to either get money or get cock.  For the first time ever I combined the two.  Yup, I went into gutter whore territory. I have to walk past a park to get home when I am out.  There is also a bar across the street, and right next to that is a run down adult movie theater. I was walking along when a car pulled up. They asked me if I was working, I told them no!  I’m not a whore.  He drove off, then I see these two guys leave the bar, and they looked pretty cute.

I continued walking and I hear a car pull up behind me, I was ready to yell because I thought it was the same creepy guy from before, but it was the two guys from the bar.  They asked me how I was doing and if I needed a ride.  I thought about it for a minute then I said sure.  Usually I do not just go jumping into cars with strangers because you never know what is going to happen, but I had my gun with me so I was alright with it.  The guy in the passenger seat turned around and said, “How much for role play dress up?” I said, “Excuse me?”  He repeated it, I said, “I don’t know, how much do you usually pay?”  I was going to tell them that I would fuck them for free and I wasn’t a gutter whore who walked the street when I heard him say, “For what we have in mind I was thinking $800.00 for two hours.  Does that sound good?”

That sounded more than good to me, I told them I knew a place where we could go, he told me that they already had a place and gave me an address to where we would be going.  I knew the street.  I was not dressed for it.  We pulled up to one of the biggest fucking homes I have ever seen, then taken inside.  The first guy ran upstairs, and the second took me into the den downstairs.  He said, “The outfit is on the sofa, put it on then wait for us to knock on the door, and you can pour yourself a drink if you want too.”  Then he tossed the 800 at me.

I got dressed in this white bodysuit type of thing, I kept my heels on because the ones they had there were too big for my feet.  I had something to drink then waited.  It wasn’t all that long before there was a knock.  I walked to the door and opened it.  The two guys were standing there completely naked.  Okay.  They walked in and told me that they wanted me to sit in the leather chair that was in there and be really bitchy, and they would sit at my feet and do what ever I wanted, as long as I was super bitchy and controlling.

I asked them if they were brothers, they laughed and said no, they were partners well shit, no cock for me.  So I sat there and had them crawl for me, clean my shoes with their mouths, had them suck each other off, threw in some light CBT, and then told them how much beneath me they were.  We did other things as well, but it only lasted for two hours.  They thanked me and told me to get dressed and then come out and they would drive me home.  I was walking around their living room area waiting for them, and that is when I saw it.  A picture of this austere looking older woman who was dressed in white.

One of the guys caught me looking at it and I asked who it was and he told me it was his partner’s Mother.  Everything clicked. I didn’t get dick, but I did get to control a couple and get paid for my time, all in all a good night.

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