Pierced and Pounded

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For years I had my body pierced. I loved the way it felt when a new stud was pushed into a fresh hole. When I got my clit pierced, I loved the feel of a cock sliding back and forth causing me pain. Plus I could put rings into the piercing which allowed me to indulge in some totally kinky bondage sex. My lover would hook chains between my tits and clit. When he was ready to cum, he’d yank them hard and the pain would send me over the edge too. A couple of times, I had my piercings torn wide open by a violent lover. The most painful was when my clitty hood was almost ripped off.  The chain had come loose from my tits and caught on the carpet. The force of the niggas thrusts pushed me across the floor, ripping me. He wouldn’t stop though as he was so fucking turned on by my pain. I needed a lot of drugs that night after he was done banging my bloody cunt. He thought I’d just got my period, the dumb fucker.

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You can never have too many piercings. I really want to have my tongue pierced again. Of course, after a night of whoring and too many blow jobs, my poor licker would be swollen and bloody. Has anyone ever gotten their asshole pierced? I think that would be an amazing feeling every time I took a shit or had a dick shoved in my turd hole.

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