Party & Play With Friends!

Cum Filled Cunt


Weed, coke and molly got the party started just right. Me & my friend went over to your place and you had the right idea in mind. Line after line of the good shit, now we’re horny and it’s obvious. We take turns sucking your cock and licking your asshole out really good. Yummy! Then it’s time to watch me do what I do best and that’s ride! I’m up on your dick and going at it so hard while my friend places with my cunt! We’ve got my titties out for you and you’re having a blast. You’re going to fill my pussy up with your cum, aren’t you? You better! I keep fucking you harder and harder, I wanna feel that blast go up in me. My gal pal gets down and starts sucking my clit and your balls while I’m still on top of you reverse cowgirl on the sofa. The drugs have me so motivated to fuck the shit out of you and just when I think I can’t go on any longer- you explode. God damn, that was fun. Can we come by later?

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