One mans trash…..

trashy MILF

There is this trashy MILF that lives in the trailer park down the road. You always knew the day her benefit check would show up as she would head to the bar in need of liquid nutrition. She wasn’t very pretty anymore due to all the years of smoking like a chimney and being alone with her brats. But come the first of the month she would be decked out in something short and easy to remove. There would be plenty of men lined up at the bar to dance with her as they all got to feel her up on the dance floor. I have seen her go into the men’s room many times and come back out with her makeup running. She seems to be fine being known as an easy whore. There was a night where she came stumbling home with half of her dress hanging off and belting 80’s rock off key all the way down the street. I went out to tell her to shut it but as soon as I saw the state that she was in my cock went from soft to rock hard in a second. I called her over to me and she duck walked across the lawn so she wouldn’t fall over. When she got near to me I shoved her against the porch railing and bent her over it. I pulled what was left of her dress up and found no panties,I shoved my cock into her already sopping wet cunt and finished off by shoving it into her asshole. I came deep in her bowels and she stayed bent over for a bit. I was glad that I hadn’t turned the porch light on as I didn’t want any of the neighbors seeing me fuck this piece of trash. I sent her back on her way with my load mixing with all the others that she had had that night. I’m sure though that on the first she will be easy pickings again!

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