No Limits Day

phone sex line evonneWhen he gets tiered of those rich bitches that are high maintenance and to good for doing all the things this nasty slut loves to do, he calls.
The first thing he does when I arrive is to undress me and put me in his huge sunken tub full of hot water and bubbles that smell like Lilac.
The water is always a little to hot, giving my pink skin a red tinge.
He kneels next to the tub and scrubs my body with an over sized luffa sponge. The combination of his gentle bathing and his hot breath in my ear whispering how much of a dirty slut I am and how he will make me his whore today makes my pussy so fucking wet under he water.
I know the rules and know that I am not allowed to touch myself.
When he is done he stands and gives me his hand helping me step out of the tub. His hard on is unmistakable, but I know it isn’t time yet.
He wraps me in a thick, soft and warm white robe holding me from behind as he begins to bite my neck.
My knees feel weak knowing that any minute he is going to sweep me off my feet and carry me to his grand bedroom.
That is where our worlds really collide. I get fucked like a whore in a room fit for a debutante.

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