No Innocence in the Church

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So I was at the worship house on Sunday like a good girl is supposed to be. I’m reforming and all. I always knew that the pastor and the Deacon and those good sisters in the congregation weren’t so innocent, and I said it, but now I’ve got proof. You see, I found out that my pastor is a pussy eaten cunt licking whore fucking son of a bitch. He was telling me all about how I needed to change my ways, or I was going to hell. All the time, he was fucking and licking and sucking anything that came his way. I couldn’t say anything to him before last night, but now I control him, so I guess that means I control the house of dogooders. I’ve got the church master on videotape licking this fucking bitches pussy so good that she squirted all over his face. He was sticking his tongue so deep down into her cunt he had her moaning and crying. He took his cock out, and he started to pound her pussy. I will admit that it made my pussy soaking wet. I had my camera phone out the whole time, and now I’m going to get whatever I want. I told the pastor if he doesn’t do what I ask him to, I’m going to expose him to the whole congregation and let them know what kind of a cunt licking hypocrite that he really is.


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