My Body Is Yours

dirty phone sexThe best time of the year are those crazy Christmas parties and this year I got a special VIP invite from a friend. Not just any party either. A party with a bunch of rich horny men and about a dozen girls to fulfill all their perverted needs. I love it. I am a horny whore that wants nothing more than to be used for Christmas. We arrived at an impressive cabin in the mountains. It had everything and I mean everything. Liquor and food and any and all types of party favors. Like everywhere. In my room there was a tray full of coke and a personalized blade commemorating the event. I cut me a line and put on my hot little Santa’s helper outfit and headed downstairs.

These guys have big pockets and aren’t afraid to lavish a hot slut who sucks his dick with a nice fat stack either. I looked around the room and I spot you. A hot ass man with an impressive bulge forming. I walk over to you and lean into you. You reach for me and pull me closer. Hands on my ass as I feel your big thick cock under your pants. I kiss your cheek as you push my head gently down. Like a good slut I kneel and pull out your cock and suck you off while the entire room watches. You shoot your load down my throat and pull me up to you. Kissing me deeply and tasting yourself on my tongue. Now what would you like me to do for you next babe?

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