Mommy Knows Best

Live Phone SexIf it’s one thing I have learned, it’s a girl can get anything she wants with a little time on her knees.

Just look at me…I got this great double wide, a cool ride and all the rock candy I could want.

If my little one is going to have it this good, she is going to have to learn to treat a guy right!

She is already great at sucking cock. She went straight from my tit to man meat! She thinks their sweet dick spit is actually food and wont stop until she milks every drop from that throbbing fuck muscle.

But if she is gonna make it in this world, she is going to have to learn to fuck like a big girl!

It takes a special kind guy though.

Some men feel a little anxious about playing with such a young little pussy.

But I help them through it.

I pull on her tiny little nipples until they are pink and swollen.

I spread that plump little ass so you can see her tiny little rose bud fuck hole. Mmmm, isn’t that just a perfect place to stick your big fat cock!

I will even lick her soft smooth velvet puffy kitty and get it nice and sloppy for you! Don’t worry, it will still be the tightest fuck you ever had!

So are you in? Can you help me show my little one how to please a big man like yourself?

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