Mommies Slutty Tax Exemption

Live Phone Sex My little one has made me so much money with that smooth young kitty but this time we are in a lot of trouble!

Taxes are coming due and normally I can suck my way out of any penalties or punishments but I still haven’t paid last years yet!

I was hoping my little pre-whore could pull me out of this one!.

I covered her tiny little mouth with red lipstick and layered on the eyeshadow!

I dressed her tiny little pussy in thongs that were barely big enough to cover her dolly and then put on a innocent little training bra.

She answered the door wearing nothing else and then batted her pretty little eyes as she took his hand and pulled him in.

His eyes were almost as big as the bulge in his pants as he followed her plump little ass to her room!

She squatted down right in front of him and wrapped those pouty red lips around his hard cock!

I could tell he was fighting the growing urge to push her tiny body on the bed and fuck her young sweet pussy!

But I needed him to pound that pussy if I was going to stay out of jail!

I laid her tiny body down and held her legs open while he watched me pry her pussy with two fingers.

I knew he couldn’t resist fucking her as long as I was holding those legs apart!

And when he laid on top of her, fucking her deep and hard with that giant cock, you could hardly hear her whimpers as she lay half smothered underneath him!

Her lip stick was smeared, her mascara was running in streaks down her tear soaked cheeks and her tiny cunt was red and raw when he finally dumped his load in her swollen pussy!

But he gave me the extension so she has a few more months before that little pussy needs to be torn open again!


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