Making it with Mr. President.

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One of my biggest fantasies is to have sex with the President. He seems like a nice family man and all but I bet he wouldn’t turn down a dirty whore like me. I’d stalk him until I managed to get into his office and under his desk. I’d wait until he had an important call and pull out that presidential penis. Just like Monica, I’d suck that cock until Mr. Prez was ready to blow a nut. By then, he’d be ready to pull me out from under his desk, drop my panties and give me some of that BBC. I just know that nigga is packing the sausage.  The Secret Service guys would be standing there, jerking off, as the Main Man buried his boner in my fat, white pussy. “Use me, Mr. President. Fuck me. Make me drink your piss. I worship the ground you walk on.”  Our first black president would use my skanky white ass as a cum dumpster and a urinal as I guzzled all of his fluids. When he was done with me, he’d turn me over to the Secret service guys who’d have their way with me too, then escort me outside to dump my trespassing ass in the parking lot. I’d be smiling all the way home, tasting the President’s cum still on my lips.

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