Lunch Date

No taboo phone sex

Oh man did I ever pull of the impossible.  There is this one guy who I hook up with a lot.  I know he is married, and do I give a fuck? Nope. Not only am I fucking him regularly but I fuck a lot of guys regularly.  How was I supposed to know I was also fucking his son.  His son asked me to come to his house for lunch.  He told me that his parents are always asking him when he will get a girlfriend, blah blah blah, and he was sick of it.  He asked me if I would go to lunch at his house and pretend to be his steady girlfriend just to get them off his back.  I didn’t have anything going on so I accepted. Hey free food is free food.

We had to spend some time together so I could get to know him, sorta like cramming for a test.  He came to pick me up, he wasn’t pleased with what I was wearing but tough shit, I wear what I wear.  His Mom opened the door and gave me the biggest hug, oh boy, I was going to hate this.  She grabbed me and took me into their kitchen so that I could help her put the food on the table.  This women went all out, I have never seen so much damn food for four people.  I heard the door open and I heard my “date” talking to another guy so I assumed it was his Dad.

I was carrying the rolls to the table when his Dad came around the corner, and I started to laugh.  He looked like he was going to fucking die right there.  If you hadn’t guessed it was the Married guy.  I was going to eat dinner with two guys I was fucking who turned out to be related.  This was going to be weird, but fun.  I played it up by leaning into the son, putting my arm around him, telling funny stories about our times together, all the while the Dad was dead quiet.  His wife even asked him if he was feeling ill at one point. 

When it was time to leave the Mom gave me another huge hug, and I gave his Dad one.  I felt him tense up when I did.  The whole thing was fucking funny.  As soon as I was out the door I received a text, it was the Dad telling me that he wanted to see me.  I told him that I had to fuck his son first, but if he could wait a little bit I could have him come over for sloppy seconds.

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