Gangbang whore is what people call me. Guess what? I don’t give a flying fuck what people say about me. I am a tough ghetto bitch. My parents are crack heads. My brother is a drug dealer. I grew up in the projects. I raised myself. There aren’t many ways to make money when you are a young girl in the inner city. I learned quickly, however, that a white girl in the hood could make a fast buck by spreading her legs. Now that I am grown up, sex still sells. I am a dirty hooker. I trade my pussy and ass for money. Coke too. When I was younger, I just sold my jailbait pussy to one old pervert at a time. Now, I have learned that if I fuck a bunch of guys at once, I make a lot more money. I enjoy the feeling of one cock after another being rammed inside my pussy and ass. All that cum oozing out my fuck holes at once is a hot sight too. Several gangbangs a week and I have more than enough money to pay the bills and party. Occasionally, I moonlight as a stripper at this biker club in town. My phone sex line is not for vanilla sex. I am a ghetto whore who loves cock, cum and coke. Money too. I will do anything for a buck. Water sports, furry friends, brown showers and anything nasty you can think of I will do if you are paying. Don’t worry about sharing your dirty fantasies with me. I bet I have already done it and loved it.

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