Lacy is a Special Woman


My kind heart led to heartbreak I just got this new girlfriend who I am really turned on by. She is so fucking hot, I can’t stop thinking about how we hooked up you see sometimes I’m a bit of a slutty cunt carpet muncher. Her legs are long and golden tanned, and she waxes every fucking part of her silky sexy delicious body with the exception of those natural thick long Blonde flowing locks that fall to her tight bubbly ass. I’m in complete nasty lust and tonight I am going to get what I have been waiting patiently three weeks for. We went back to her place because her apartment is a sex toy land, she’s got all kinds of fuck me chairs and sex paintings. I was so got damn filled with sexual energy I wanted to lay her down on her fur rug and tear the black pin skirt sight off of her and go at that muff like pigs go in on slop. She kept teasing me until my tongue was all the way down her throat. I attempted to go for that pretty little pussy but she stopped my hand like she was a fucking virgin. She grabbed my hand and turned me onto my belly flat she opened my ass cheeks and dug her tongue deep in my shit hole and kept munching me making my cunt leak in joy. All of sudden Lacy moved from my ass to my cum filled pussy and started licking and sucking me until I was shaking. I was in pure ecstasy and before I could turn to look at Lacy spellbinding eyes she drove a huge hard throbbing cock into my asshole and grabbed the back of my neck. I couldn’t believe it Lacy was a Pre-Op.

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