It’s A Celebration

phone sex line cleoYou don’t really hear much about it, but national Hispanic heritage month is coming up. I am planning a celebration like none of my friends have ever seen. My juicy Latina pussy is going to be the center of attention and everyone will leave knowing the power of the Latina pussy. I have ordered a special adult pinata that will be filled with airplane bottles of liquor, and sex favors like scented lubes, flavored lotions and colorful condoms. The rules of the game are simple, anything you collect from the pinata when it bursts must be used on me. Hopefully everyone will be very creative with ideas on how to do this, and if not I am sure that I can guide them with ideas on how to do so. Half the fun of having a party like this is planning it, the other half is executing it. I can’t wait to tell you all about it after it is over!phone sex line pin

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