I Was Covered In Cum

hooker phone sexI have been working a few private parties lately and this latest one was actually pretty hot. It was just a bunch of horny guys who had put their money together to hire some tits and ass to fuck with. Bars are closed so these dudes picked some sure things. It started with about 5 girls and a dozen or so guys and we all got naked, high and got to it. I got on my knees and serviced those men, blowing each and ev3eryone of them until they blew their loads all over my naked body. I was covered in them cum as I bent over and spread my ass cheeks to give each of them a turn at tearing up my tight ass. They were so into it that the pounding of their ball sacks against my pussy even left me a bit chaffed. Not to mention how they each took turns ramming their hard cocks deep inside my pussy. I was covered with cum and it was leaking out of my ass and cunt by the time we were finished. I love the feeling of that and the smell of all of that sex. I stayed for awhile taking it all in before I collected my money and headed out.

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