I Can’t Believe I Did This

Dirty Phone Sex

 I cant believe what I did. I knew when I started this that I would meet some guys that would ask me to do some messed up stuff. I always figured I would just hang up if it was too fucked up. But this guy called me the other night and wanted  me to get fucked by my furry friend. I would never do that but there was something about this guy, he was so in command! I thought ok, fine, I would play along but I figured, me and mans best friend don’t match up physically so I could just go along and so I did what he asked, I was dressed in my prettiest dress and high heels. I looked pretty hot.
But when I let my four legged friend out…I did not have any control over what he was doing. I did what the man asked…I can’t believe I did it…that sloppy wet cock in my ass…filling up my little tight fuck hole with non human cum.
It hurt like hell and he was scratching the shit out of me! I felt like such a cheap bitch, and that is exactly what I was! By the time he was done with me, I was covered in cum and blood.
My ass was tore, my dress had been shred to pieces. He lay there on the floor, licking his balls. I laid there crying, barely able to move. I have never felt so violated and disgusting in my life!
I felt like I was rapped but I made it happen! I am such a stupid whore. He will probably never talk to me again! All I wanted to do was make him want me and do as he asked.
I feel so humiliated. But there was something in his voice…something so strong and commanding…and I hate that I did something so disgusting but the strange thing is…I can’t help but really want him now! I want him to dominate me, control me, make me his bitch!
How did I let him do this to me?Furry Friends Phone Sex

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