Golden Piss For Drugs

Druggy pornMy ass has gotten me plenty of free good crack and dope! Especially with those black mother fuckers. They love white druggy trashy whores like me. I am one of those whores that if you dangle a bag of dope or crack in front of my face I am like a puppy dog and will do anything you want just to get that bag. In fact, I will beg you to do whatever you want as long as you give me that sweet bag of mind-altering magic. Leroy this one nigger I know with a huge mother fucker BBC (14-inches) loves to hear me beg for him to piss on me. Leroy will push me on my knees and pull out his BBC. placing it inches from my face. He makes sure I can still see my bag of goodies dangling above me. That is when I know it is time to beg and plead for his golden sweet yummy nectar in my tummy.

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